Apr 05 2016

Forward to the 2016 season

I had announced racing the 2016 season together with the French Japanese Neilpryde – Sanshin Subaru Cycling Team in late 2015. Since then, I concentrated on sudies and journeys, which kept me busy for most of the winter. After having stopped my 2015 season in early July, after the professionnal race Tour de …

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Dec 22 2015

I will be a racer again in 2016

I had announced in last august that I definitely left high-level cycling. This statement has not changed, it still remains the case. Today, I ride three to four times less than what I was used to these last 5 years. Nevertheless, I will hang a number on my jersey again in 2016. Why …

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Nov 14 2015

My new cycling adventure

I have left you with the stop of my high-level athlete career, in August, and my departure to Japan. Since then, if I don’t follow the same training rythm as before (I ride between 5 and 10 hours a week, whereas I used to ride about 20, up to 30 weekly hours for …

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Sep 22 2015

Moving into Tokyo

The first endless day

I reached Narita Airport without noticing the end of the previous day nor the beggining of the following one. I only arrived, between the two, without being able to close an eye. Unless the real, long and intense night of what had becoming the monday night come though, I …

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Sep 10 2015

Tomorrow, I leave France for Japan

Actually, the take off is not on tomorrow but on the day after. I’m already in the starting blocks though. I take a while for drawing a quick panorama of the questions I am always asked for, which will lead you to understand better the major change I have undertaken.

Why leaving France ?

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