fév 24 2016

Instant February 24, 2016 at 07:17PM

丹沢山地 (Tanzawa Mountains), Yamanashi-ken, Japan

Some rides are more epic than others… I always plan a route before leaving, and I know the tools so well that I nearly never get lost even in a place that I am not familiar with as long as I get a net connection, but sometimes I have to take some risks. Today, I wanted to try a mountain road, which clearly appears on the satellite view but mysteriously doesn’t exist on the Google Map. I passed down the barrier after 3 hours, it kept climbing up to 1000m on a perfect but abandoned asphalt, and kept following alongside the slope for 10 kilometers. But when I didn’t expect it anymore, the road suddenly stopped, so close to the next valley meant to drive me back home… I had no more food, the next shop was 30km far, and the snow started to fall even more…

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